Our  Workbook

The "Managing Our Anger, Managing Our Lives” comprehensive workbook teaches individuals practical skills to manage their anger and their emotions. The workbook is based on the idea that we, as humans, have power and control over our anger and our lives. While we may not have control over what angers us, we can build the skills to control our reactions.

Each of our programs is structured around the use of our workbook. Written in 2016 by Samantha Janosick, LCSW and David Morgan, LCSW-R, this workbook easily guides participants through hands-on activities, scenarios, and learning models to teach anger management skills.

Presently, our workbook is available in the following places: lulu.com and amazon.com. Many of our packages include our workbook. Please read our product descriptions in our store to learn more. However, if you would like to purchase our workbook separately at either of these retailers, please click here to purchase on amazon.com.