Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?

No, we do not. Anger Management education is just that - education. The goal is to provide you with quick, easy-to-utilize, and effective skills to manage your anger. During our program. we do not diagnose you or provide any form of psychotherapy. This is why we do not accept insurance. To bill insurance, a diagnosis and psychotherapy services are required.

What is the format of your program?

Each of our services are provided online. We offer both individual and group programs. We also offer an eCourse. Want to learn more about what we offer? Check out our services page.

Is Anger Management the same as Psychotherapy?

Our Anger Management program should be taken for educational or self-improvement purposes ONLY. Anger management in general is NOT a substitute for psychological or medical advice or counseling. If you think you have a psychological or medical problem, please consult with a mental health professional or call 911 in the event of an emergency.

Can you do a training for my organization/business?

Absolutely. We love to provide education/workshops within the community. Contact us to discuss your program needs/desires. We would be happy to collaborate and create a workshop that fits the needs of your organization.

Are all of your services only online?

Buffalo Anger Management has moved from a “brick and morter” model to online services. This has allowed more clients access to our services. All you need is a computer, smart phone, or tablet. All of our services, though offered online, are confidential and HIPPA compliant.

Will this program meet my requirement for court?

Our programs, most of the time, meet the requirements for courts. We have worked with many of the court systems in the area. If you are court mandated, please call us to determine eligibility.

How long does it take to complete your program?

To complete our program and receive a certificate, it takes 12-hours of anger management education. The way in which you complete these hours depends on if you are coming on your own or mandated. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

I’d like to know more about the eCourse.

Buffalo Anger Management partners with our national company, called Anger Management U. Check out our blog that will answer most of your questions about our eCourse.

What makes your program more effective than other programs on the market?

We strongly believe in meeting the needs of our participants. Our work not only is based in providing superior anger management education services, but also in breaking down barriers that prevent people from getting the support they deserve. Every single person that accesses and invests in our program will get the attention and help that they desire. The number one deterrent that people report for not accessing help is shame and guilt. At Buffalo Anger Management, our program minimizes shame by encouraging honesty and non-judgment.

In regards to our curriculum, when researching curriculums and workbooks in the past, we found the content to be very wordy and difficult to relate to. So, we took matters into our own hands. In 2016, we published our first anger management workbook,“Managing Our Anger, Managing Our Lives.” In this workbook, we developed simple program anchors called Anger Control-Ometers which teach the speeding up behaviors that lead to rage and the slowing down behaviors that manage anger and aggression. We also published a second workbook, “Training Your Anger Monster,” that breaks down anger for children. All of our products not only create, but also demand, results. We have seen nothing but progress and effectiveness from the individuals who have taken our program. Remember, an investment in Anger Management is truly an investment in yourself. Lastly, to evidence effectiveness, we began administering a pre and post assessment in all of our programs. The results were clear: there is a very high rate of growth and skill attainment for individuals who complete our programs.